Peter Nesin provides eyeglass and frame repairs,
eyeglasses, prescription glasses, and prescription sunglasses.

Prescription Glasses

The process starts with choosing an appropriate and fashionable frame, measuring, fitting, and adapting lenses for the patient according to the written optical prescription. We will promptly and accurately fill your prescription with the best quality products using the latest developments in technology. We prepare the work order for the optical laboratory containing instructions for grinding and mounting lenses in the frame.

When the eyeglasses arrive from the laboratory we check every pair for accuracy and quality. Then the customer is called to pick up the eyeglasses and adjust the frame and lens position for a proper fit. Your satisfaction with our product is a priority with us.


Sunglasses are available in prescription and non-prescription. We advise polarized lenses for sunglasses because they block reflected glare and are so comfortable for the eyes. All our sunglasses offer 100% ultraviolet protection. We also can fit most prescription eyeglasses with polarized sun clips.


We carefully adjust your new eyeglasses to fit comfortably and to stay in proper alignment to maximize the advantages of your prescription eyewear. We also welcome you to visit us for any adjustments that are needed in the future. No appointment necessary.

Eyeglass Repair

Many repairs can be done while you wait. We can replace parts on frames, including nose pads and temple covers. We can replace hinges on metal and plastic frames. We do gold soldering on metal frames. Titanium frames can be repaired with our repair lab, Hilco.

Cleaning and maintenance

At home, when cleaning your eyeglasses, if you can, first rinse them front and back with plain water to remove any abrasive particles. Next spray with eyeglass cleaner and wipe gently with tissue or soft cloth. DO NOT rub lenses hard. If you have stubborn deposits, bring the eyeglasses to us to remove safely and professionally. This is to ensure that your frames continue to look good and are performing well.

Looking for something else? Contact us and tell us more. We would be happy to assist you and/or to refer you to one of our colleagues.