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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you check your prescription?
Your eyeglass prescription should be checked every two years. This is called a refraction. Your eye doctor may schedule you for more frequent checks if it is necessary. Your ophthalmologist may also schedule you for tests if you have a medical eye problem, but in general, a refraction is necessary about every two years.
What kind of sunglasses should I get?
The most important property of sunglasses is to offer 100% protection from ultraviolet rays. Every pair of sunglasses should have this. The next most important factor is polarized lenses. Polarizing eliminates most reflected glare. This allows you to see into the water when boating, fishing or swimming. It’s great for driving, too. It also keeps the eyes cool and comfortable. Getting a sunglass frame that wraps around the eyes and head helps to eliminate side glare.
Can I reuse my lenses in a new frame?
We can usually find a replacement frame for your lenses and have them installed the same day. We can also cut your lenses to fit a new frame. This can often be done the same day. We have over 500 frames to choose from.
What is the newest development in lens technology?
The newest development is digital lenses. These lenses are computer designed for each individual prescription. They offer continuous clear vision throughout the whole lens and are available in almost all lens styles. Ask us about digital lenses for you.
Do I need coating on my lenses and what types of coating do you recommend?
All plastic lenses we sell have scratch resistant coatings on them. This is highly recommended. It is possible to get an extra tough scratch resistant coating at an additional charge. We also recommend a no-glare coating for your lenses. This coating eliminates almost all reflected light on the lens surfaces. This makes the lenses more aesthetically appealing and is very helpful for night driving.
When are you open?
We are open Monday-Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM. If you are unable to make it in during these hours, call us and we will make an appointment for you when you can get in.
If I want to put my new prescription in my present frames, will I have to leave my eyeglasses with you?
No, we have a digitalized measuring device that measures your frame so we can order your lenses and you can wear your eyeglasses while the new lenses are being fabricated. Then when the lenses are ready, you stop in so we can insert them into your frame. Frameless drilled mounts other than Silhouette are the only exception.
What is a typical turnaround time to get my prescription?
Most eyeglasses are finished within a week or less. If there is a need for extra coatings or specialized lenses, it may take a few more days.
Can I get my frames adjusted?
We will adjust your frames for a good fit at any time during office hours. This is a free service we offer for everyone.
How should I clean my eyeglasses?
At home, when cleaning your eyeglasses, if you can, first rinse them front and back with plain water to remove any abrasive particles. Next spray with eyeglass cleaner and wipe gently with tissue or soft cloth. DO NOT rub lenses hard. If you have stubborn deposits, bring the eyeglasses to us to remove safely and professionally. This is to ensure that your lenses continue to look good and are performing well.

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